*Cost for any project is based on time spent. In order to give you an accurate and detailed quote, send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.


$65 per hour

I'll produce and engineer your project in collaboration with your vision, recording your songs, putting together your best performances and editing and aligning all the elements.


$50 per song

The final touches that make your music ready for listening, sale and distribution.  Pre-gapping, fade in/outs, managing dynamics, broad-stroke EQ and compression, balancing between songs and coding with album information.


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Carving out EQ space, automating volume on voices and instruments, filling out resonances with reverb and delay and tightening and exciting with compression.  I'll take your recording and make it sing.  Heck, I'll make it shout!


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Perhaps the most under-utilized (yet important) aspect of the process: preproduction. I'll help you with the selection, editing and arranging of songs, and schedule the perfect musicians for your project.