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Eric Pauls Photo.jpg

        "Paul provides every recording session with an atmosphere that nurtures me as an artist and brings out my best performance. He challenges me when necessary but always allows me space to experiment. He maintains a calm steady hand at the helm and his knowledge as an engineer is vast. Paul has the ability to adapt to every weird setup or situation I put him in, and the final result always amazes me." 

Eric Pauls

- Young Neighbours

Lauren Hamm Photo.jpeg

         "Paul has the unique ability to see people for exactly who they are, and then bring out the very best in them. He was deeply involved in the creation of our latest album, from hosting writing intensives, to sitting with us in pre-production meetings to consult on the specific musical choices we would make, to recording demos and singles for us to aid in crowdfunding efforts. Each experience we’ve had creating music with Paul has been a positive one, where the artist’s individual voice is understood and respected, and his own is evident as well.

I can’t recommend him enough."


Lauren Hamm

 - The Dearhearts

Kyla Ferrier Photo.jpeg

      "Paul Zacharias is the epitome of consideration. Thought and care goes into every choice. It was present in each conversation we had throughout the process of recording. Besides providing an atmosphere conducive to create flow, Paul brought just the right amount of challenge and "what if" into the room, which really took my album to the next level, and gave me more confidence as an artist. He also has a knack for connecting artists who would jive, and we were able to bring on some session players who were exactly the right fit for my project. I would recommend working with Paul to both musicians new to the recording process, and to those who are studio vets. I felt respected and empowered as an artist, and am thrilled with what we've come up with."

Kyla Ferrier

© 2021 by Wheelhouse Sound

Joy Louise for Quote.jpg

      “Paul is a very talented artist - seeing potential greatness in the simple, non polished beginnings. Paul also brings a well-rounded perspective to his work. As a musician, producer, and sound engineer, he has been on both sides of the microphone. Because of this, his technical skill as a engineer and empathy as a musician/songwriter himself makes him unique in the recording industry. Paul is a natural collaborator and he takes the time to hear and see the vision and heart behind each song so it can be perfectly reflected musically. The contributions to my project that Paul made were vital to the success of the final product. He helped me grow as an artist, discover more of my songwriting identity, and created a space for me to take risks but ultimately, feel proud of my work. I will work with him again on future projects - that’s for sure! I highly recommend him as someone who is worthy of your trust, time, and energy.“


Joy Louise

Ben Plotnick Photo 1.jpeg

      "Paul is a consummate professional in the studio. His musical sense is clearly strong from the work he's done, and we've found him very easy to work and communicate with on a number of varied projects. We have no reservations in recommending him wholeheartedly."

Ben Plotnick

-Jack of all String Co.

Scott McKay Photo.jpeg

      "The song sounds amazing man! I can't stop listening to it. You are a very talented producer/mixing engineer and I'm grateful to have been able to work with you on this."


Scott MacKay

ALix Cowman Photo.jpeg

      "Paul is a champion of allowing artist's to express themselves freely through their music. He doesn't just sit back and press a couple of buttons - he engages with each and every single one of his clients in a unique and personal way. I have felt challenged and inspired to do the very best I can, because I know that Paul is doing the very best he can for the project. The Dearhearts have been extremely satisfied with each track created with Paul, and when the next opportunity to record comes around, I know we will not hesitate to work with Paul again."

Alixandra Cowman

-The Dearhearts

Kristin O Photo 2.jpg

      "Paul is a master at the art of collaboration. He brings his technical skills, his experience as a producer, and his gifts as an artist to the table and uses those talents with a generosity and warmth that exceeded any other creative experience that I have embarked on. I am tremendously grateful to have worked with him on this project that is so dear to me. Thank you Paul!”


Kristin Ormiston

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